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Chapter 100: coach factory outlet online battered

"Hey, is your phrase ...", hear Nellie words, Jack doing all said, "Well, I want serious, oh, your attention to ...".

"Roar!", "Roar!!!" Hear Jack, Xiao-Feng Zhang Lan Qi children roar, direct, two people are chosen to transform into fighting form of a pair of sharp fingernails and fangs elongation eyes one pair is pale yellow, a pair of dark orange.

"Oh? Transfiguration it?" Strange to see two people, Jack's mouth gently hook expression does not care, said dismissively: www.coachfactorystoreso.com "even let you http://www.omschina.org.cn/home/space.php?uid=38904&do=blog&id=387057 to transfiguration and how? Let me see see you transfiguration to what stage ...... ".

"Shua!!!" The Jack figure than just "roar!!!" Burning up the energy of the body-like, powerful Pentium blood in the body, the eyes of Xiao-Feng Zhang, fast yellow light flashed, then, roared toward Jack rushed past, the rapid hand movements.

"Oh? Freak? Interesting ......" see counterattack if the cold the Jack attack focused suddenly on his body, that fist such as rain fell on the body of Xiao-Feng Zhang, let his pain burst of shrieking.

"Haha, really ah ......" coach factory online loud frenzied attack Jack laughed: like this people will resist abuse was more coach factory outlet energetically it ...... ".

"......", To hear the words of Jack, Xiao-Feng Zhang, a black eyes, almost coach outlet online stumble down the pleasure will afford him find himself abuser? Really perverted guy, but also because Xiao-Feng Zhang a distracted and Jack blow hammer to fly out, Jack and Oder are the the Duke level of strength, however, and his practice when, Jack attack strength and speed obviously Biao De high a level, coupled with their side but less Lucy a helping hand and three times the influence of gravity, the shift in the powerful contrast under, want to fight back, there is a difficult as prohibitively.

Battle, simply sided abused, Xiao-Feng Zhang, and Lanqi child can do three times the coach factory online gravity, the two in Jack Shoudexia simply did not resist the opportunity to.

Soon, time and time again, fall, and then stood up again and again, Although Jack is to start absolutely not light, but only let two people pain for a while just to have been untouched by the heavy injury.

Day Break, which is now a true reflection of Xiao-Feng Zhang, copies of the disparity in power, such as divide front of Jack, Xiao-Feng Zhang did only beaten even Lanqi children help in the next.

Soon, the moon slowly drop down, it seems that the hazy sun also rose, Diablo Association magical enchantment under that www.usacoachfactoryonline.com sinister sun can not kinship body damage, but, after all, on the The fear of the sun is the nature of all kinship, so, at this time, has come to mean the practice of the day finally ended.

"Hu Chi ... call ......" when Jack announced the end of the one-day training, Xiao-Feng Zhang, and Lanqi child they suddenly no lay down to go up the image of the upper and lower body lazy, even a finger. bother to move, the body's blood had run out of a day of fighting, it should be said that day the battered already Xiao-Feng Zhang body's ability virgin clean.

Lie down and rest is not a good way to "how? Oh ......", see Xiao-Feng Zhang, and Lanqi child lying on the ground, Jack slight smile, then lost over two Xueping, said: "They drink it ...... ".

Catch the bottle, open the cork and sniffed it, if cold suddenly knew inside something: "Well? This? Flame blood?"

"Yes, drink it, but the view of your talent, your dark Association Members specially licensed to you preferential treatment, and hope that you do not let your adult disappointment Oh ..." to see the two of Xiao-Feng Zhang, and Lanqi child surprised the eyes, Jack explains a little smile.

Just faster hearing if lightning, Xiao-Feng Zhang, and Lanqi child morph is completed, although the speed is also increased a lot, but they and Jack still has a small gap, two back to back against the attack of Jack Although the two eyes can barely keep up with his movements, but three times the gravity, the actions coach factory of two people but very stiff, only Kankan's resist the attack live Jack, still occasionally hammer fly out.

"How? Are you only defensive?" Fast attack, Jack laughed and said: "Are we kinship is born of beaten it? Like you can be referred to as kinship? Who taught you such defense? Why not counterattack?. "

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