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 Sanitary ware bathroom is a place where most, to maintain sanitary ware, keep your bathroom clean and tidy and clean, plenty of people will complain that the bathroom is the most difficult place to order, then I'll tell you Coach Factory Outlet some simple little method to ensure that your bathroom in a short time to become clean and tidy. Believe it or not!

Toilet enclosed environment, humidity, space small, but also for disease-causing bacteria, mold, mites and other pests and create good breeding conditions, resulting in a large number of pathogens and allergens indoors, making the bathroom a place where most people get sick . Some foreign medical experts even believe that the bathroom is the most likely place where people with cancer. Because the bathroom is too many chemicals, and some people he likes to meditate in the bathroom and read the newspaper, read the novel, which amounts to increase their risk of contracting cancer.

Common method of bathroom odor removal:

1 fan ventilation - used this method more general, but the effect was the least satisfactory, most of the family bathroom are all confined space, air can not flow through the temporary opening the ventilation fan can only bring a small amount of pollution emitted to the air, most of the air The virus is also stuck in the bathroom.

2, detergent deodorant - among many public health and family like in the toilet inside the place Ball (moth balls), and chemical air freshener to spray, as well as sandalwood and other points in the bathroom, these are a kind of a temporary curing the disease, with a fragrance to restrain the bathroom smell, can not fundamentally eliminate the odor and viruses, just let our sense of smell sense of smell not only. These chemical classes of volatile cleaning agents in the generation and release toxic gases when not only the formation of secondary pollution, and may cause acute poisoning.

3, toilet cleaning and disinfection machine - kind of special cleaning equipment, bathroom, fully machine operators, non-contact cleaning, you can periodically clean bathroom facilities, floors, walls and corners of Health, and can disinfect and flavoring handling to reduce manual cleaning of trouble . This machine cleaning effect is remarkable, but more expensive, usually in the 3-5 million, more suitable for shopping malls, hotels use some cleaning companies use this product family provide on-site cleaning service, a cleaning cost of 100-500 dollars rooms.

How, after listening to my description above, it would like to go home to Coach Factory try it. To clean, sanitary ware, as well as to our own health, be sure to keep the bathroom clean and sanitary ware clean.

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